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International Foreign Bank Account Tax Lawyers

The attorneys at the Hammond Law Group, PLLC, provide exceptional legal counsel and guidance to American investors and entrepreneurs conducting business overseas. The IRS has seemingly limitless resources with which to investigate taxpayers accused of failing to pay their taxes. In recent years, the IRS has devoted substantial resources to the offshore accounts.

At Hammond Law Group, PLLC, we are committed to our clients' legal and financial interests, possessing a thorough knowledge of complex tax law, including the Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative (OVDI).

Taking a proactive approach can protect your rights and minimize the potential penalties you face. Contact an international foreign bank account tax attorney for an immediate consultation or case evaluation.

Attending to every detail means gathering all relevant information to determine tax obligations and avoid criminal tax issues involving offshore accounts. We formulate strategies that address the specific issues that may arise with the objective of finding optimal and successful resolutions.

While we encourage cooperation with tax authorities when appropriate, we are vigilant in protecting our clients from self-incrimination while avoiding prosecution and criminal charges. Depending on the circumstances, solutions can often be found in the form of payment plans of back tax obligations, including interest and penalties.

During your free initial consultation, your primary lawyer will spend time with you to understand your unique needs, concerns and goals as it relates to your tax claim defense. With attorney-client privilege, nothing will be used against you nor will we provide any information subpoenaed by the IRS.

For a free, confidential consultation on your offshore criminal tax issues, contact the U.S. tax compliance attorneys at the Hammond Law Group, PLLC, toll free at 800-881-8178.

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